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Name – M Amalia Mucciacito

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M Amalia Mucciacito

This is a Business… Not A Get Rich Quick Scheme

This course is very well organized. The videos go through every step. First at all you have to find a selling niche and then build your website. It is not a get rich quick system but a system that will build a long time big revenue.

Finding the Right Keywords is Everything

The Module 1 is all about keywords and niche finding. This is the foundation of the business. It is important to spend time to this point. If this point is not well researched, all the following is useful.

Well-Written, and Lengthy Content is important

Once the amazon niche site is built it is important to write quality content.

The course explains every crucial point from how to set up the site and which and how many contents are important to be placed in the site.

 Traffic is the gasoline of every business

The Module 4 is all about traffic strategies. From getting initial traffic to backlinks building. Everything is in-depth explained.

If you want to get started to become an Amazon affiliate or are already an Amazon affiliate and wondering how to grow your commissions, I am quite sure the Amazon Niche Site Course is the most comprehensive resource offering trustworthy strategies.